Down London Road - Samantha Young

Down London Road is a story that is just as good as the first book!! I had so much fun with this one. It does have a angst romantic feel to it, but in all honesty, This is a mix of Contemporary and New Adult, but you don’t really see the difference, its a subtle change and the flow of the story is smooth enough that you don’t get confused. This is Johanna’s story, and in the frist book I remember admiring her character quite a bit, she adds a bit of zest and boy did she really make this story spectacular. Both of the main characters did, but we see more of Johanna’s life and day-to-day goings, and so we see what she has to struggle with on a daily basis. The author does a wonderful job of having the reader so enthralled by the story that you get involved in each of the characters, and the emotions conveyed are so vividly real at times. There is one issue that I had with this story, I am not big on cheating AT ALL!! Well both Johanna and Cameron upon meeting each other both have people they are in relationships with, but they don’t act on what they are feeling until they end the relationships they are in currently. So I was alright with this circumstance and the author spins the story in such a way that become endeared instantly to their situation. We do have a villain in the story, and it adds a twist to the complexities of their relationship, and we get a ex involved in the mix, as well as the matchmaking of Jocelyn and Braden. We see a level of falling in love that isn’t easy, and many stumbling blocks this pair have to get through before they reach their happy ending. But I promise it does happen. Down London Road is a romance that I had quite a fun time with, with the angsty bantering, the fun-loving side characters, and the sensual relationship that forms between Johanna and Cameron.



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