Review-Once Upon A Billionaire

Once upon a Billionaire - Jessica Clare

Once Upon A Billionaire is a bit unique from the other books, but has its own charm and style that captivates you. Now I had my own issues with this story, but quite frankly it was such an adorable modern fairy tale romance. I had a hard time not laughing through this story, it had its moments of witty come backs, endearing characters both main and side, and we see how being raised in a royal family may affect your personality and how you view others. This was a story that was very eye-opening, and we see a side to the “rich and titled” that you don’t normally see in books such as these. We see the negative side to living in a palace and all the proprieties that come with it. Along those lines we also see some positives as well, how inner strength can aide in this type of environment. At first, I had a challenge in liking the hero, he was quite mean and rude and needed a huge dose of fun. But we see that he gets that big dose and her name is Maylee. Now Maylee was so adorable, and I love how open and accepting she is. She also isn’t ashamed of her own personality or fashion style, she is true to who she really is. She has this affectionate nature that rubs off on Griff in ways you don’t see coming. What I also had fun was the secondary characters. We see how they play a integral part in the story, both the villains and the characters that win your heart, most especially the cousin that is getting married and her fiancée. There is a slow process of these two falling for each other, it isn’t quick or easy, and we have some hurdles they need to overcome, the biggest issue these two have is loving each other for who they really are, and that does come in slow increments. Also another aspect of the story I enjoyed was how Griffin won my heart in the end. He makes quite a few mistakes, but quite frankly, he owns up to them, he realizes when he hurts Maylee, and makes true efforts to become better and treat her with kindness more often. He may be a jerk but he doesn’t mean to be. He has this sincerity about him, and he is very clueless how to handle Maylee and struggles with her, but I felt like in the end, he is a hero that wins the reader over if you stick with him through the end.


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