Shadowed (Dark Protectors) - Rebecca Zanetti

Shadowed is a story I knew was going to be dang good and boy was I right about this book!! Whew, did I love just about everything about it. Another fabulous addition to the series that Zanetti has created for us here. Shadowed follows the previous book a little bit after, some time has gone by. Jase, has been rescued and been healing since he got back. But he is full of anger and uncontrolled rage. We see how his time with the demons has affected him. In some ways the easy-going brother is gone, and a more powerful vampire has taken his place. A vampire that does what needs to be done, no matter what. Even if that means mating with a woman he doesn’t love. It seems like just about everyone is against their mating, including some of her coven members. Even though it seems like a practical arrangement, it doesn’t turn out that way. And it seems that these two are destined for more. Love the way this author weaved this story and told a tale of redemption and the healing power of love. What made the most impact on me was the change in their relationship despite the chaos surrounding them. It’s a ongoing and steady change, and you slowly see it changing from something practical to a very emotional and powerful bond these two start to build with each other.


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