Review-Beauty and the Billionaire

Beauty and the Billionaire - Jessica Clare

This is a “beauty and the beast” themed story but in a contemporary setting. Which I actually love this trope, and even though it can be overdone, I loved the way that Jessica Clare wrote this one. In the previous book, we see the beginning of the story happening, so it was fun seeing it just start off from where the first book left off. Beauty and the Billionaire, is a story that won my heart with every page written. I loved the different feel to this story from the first book. We have the Beauty (Gretchen), and the Beast (Hunter), and at first they don’t see much of each other, but Gretchen grows more bolder, and Hunter becomes more open to her advances, and it was quite entertaining seeing these two come together finally. There are quite a few obstacles that they need to overcome before they have any hope of getting their HEA, but they find it, and what a beautiful way it is found too. I love the flow of the story, and the writing just kept me reading and this was such a page turner, I had the most difficult time putting it down. This author has a talented way with her writing of captivating her audience. I found these two characters to be just wonderful for each other, and boy some of the bedroom scenes are quite thrilling and sexy, but what I loved most was seeing the love story to be the primary focus of the story, and seeing it grow and bloom was quite fun. Another great aspect was seeing the way this story comes together, it was very riveting at times, and kept me on tinder hooks, and it also gave us a little teaser at the end for the third book which I am very excited for now.


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