Book Review-Destiny's Embrace

Destiny's Embrace - Beverly Jenkins


Desiny’s Embrace is the first book in the Destiny trilogy. This is a trilogy based on the three Yates Brothers. I recently read the third book and I loved it so much I knew I needed to read the other two brothers. This is an author I have loved ever since I started reading romance, in fact she is one of those first authors I read that got me hooked, and she is very talented on interracial romances, she has a beautiful way of weaving love stories that win the reader over instantly. In this book we have quite a whopper of a romance. What was most entertaining was seeing these two go at it, These are equally matched in tempers and tend to go half cocked at times, both stubborn and passionate about what they believe in, and I loved the quick witted bantering and seeing these two fall for each other. It’s techinically a angst romance, but it has a bit more lighter tone to it than the typical angst romance. The supporting characters in the story added some fun to the story as well. And we do get to meet the brothers and I just cheered for Mariah at the end there…don’t want to spoil anything, but she really came through.


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