Review-Stranded With A Billionaire

Stranded with a Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club Novel) - Jessica Clare

Plot and Story Line 

I have been hearing some great things about this series, so I decided to read the first book up, and boy did I love this story. It just kept me so interested and involved, and the authors writing is superb…I love the way she makes the reader fall in love with the story. I am not always a big fan of billionaire romances, they have to be done right, and despite my reservations, I fell for this story hard. I loved everything about it. From the island fling that Logan and Bronte have, to making love in a freezer, how Bronte wins over his friends, and the way she gets Logan to become humble…and even the signs of another love story that is in the next book. What was most fun about this story was seeing how Logan and Bronte flounded their way through a relationship, both side makes mistakes but I found that most endearing…seeing them make mistakes but still find a way to work as a team and make a future together. There was many aspects of their relationship that was easy to relate with in a very realistic way. From beginning to end, I found myself falling in love with this story…with its charm and poignant love story…its guaranteed to warm your heart.

The Cover 

I honestly don’t know what I think about this one. In all honest I like it, I don’t mind a little bling-bling, but what my issue is how it relates with the story. I do prefer something that connects better with the story and characters. So as of right now I am undecided if I love it or not.

Overall View 

Stranded With A Billionaire is a charming love story that shows how love tests us all in ways we don’t quite imagine. This is a love story that promotes passion and raw emotion, and learning to trust again. Heartwarming from beginning to end!!