Book Review-Devil Takes A Bride

The Devil Takes a Bride - Julia London


Grace Cabot and her sisters are put in a horrible position, and she knows that she will need to marry before all of England learns that their mother is mad. Their mother suffered an accident a couple of years previous, and her mind has deteriorated, and it is growing steadily worse. Now she has decided that she needs to take matters in her own hands. So she plans on seducing a scoundrel, that would make an amiable husband. But her plan goes awry, when she seduces his older brother, the Earl of Merryton. Now they are forced to wed, and Grace realizes how wrong she was, and she starts to realize the consequences of the scandal, married to a man who is proper and firm in his orderly life. At first she doesn’t know what to make of her husband, who is aloof and withdrawn, and is obsessed with the number eight, and everything in their estate, has to run with perfect order. And there is nothing to do, Grace is used to do the frivolities of London and the entertainments, not being left alone and missing her family more than ever. But Grace is determined to find the truth behind Geoffrey, but will she stand by him when she learns his secrets…

The Hero 

Geoffrey, the Earl of Merryton, grew up with hard childhood. He was painfully shy and reserved, and his father was cruel and harsh on his expectations. Then when he evolved into a young man, he started to suffer from images that aren’t normal, images that haunt him, and only counting with his numbers helps maintain his control. He travels to Bath often, hoping that he can find something to help heal what is wrong with him. But when he finds himself married to Grace, his control is slipping more than ever, and he wonders if he can keep the ‘beast’ contained, for his lovely wife who deserves an honorable husband and got Geoffrey instead. What I loved about Geoffrey, was how human he came off to appear…not perfectly fake. He had real challenges, he has many faults, but we see him change and you see how love changes him slowly…into a man who is strong and determined to be better.

The Heroine 

Grace, is used to a busy life, and a chaotic one at that. She finds herself facing consequences of a scandal. Grace is the second in her family, and always felt she was never good enough for her family…it was always Honor who was great at everything, and the only thing Grace can do is make conversation and small talk. Grace finds herself living in a cold household with a cold husband and she is determined to know him and see what is beneath that aloof exterior. Grace is bold and is willing to take matters in her own hands…which creates problems and stress for her husband and their staff who are used to order and NOT chaos. Grace bothered me at times, she seemed not to care about consequences of her actions very non chalantly, and that bugged me, but I liked her character other than that. She is lively and energetic, and is protective of animals and takes in strays all the time. I love her caring and gentle nature….its needed to aid in her husbands problems.

Plot and Story Line 

The Devil Takes A Bride is a riveting tale of how healing love can be. I was not sure how I would handle this story or how much I would enjoy it…but I liked it way more than The Trouble With Honor…maybe because Grace seemed more engaging than Honor. I liked Grace way more than Honor. She takes crazy risks that results in horrid scandal, but unlike Honor, she feels the repercussions more, and admits that she was wrong. This story was much more emotional as well and really tugged at my heartstrings at times. I don’t want to reveal too much about the problems that Geoffrey is suffering from, but its something that would be quite scandalous back in the day. So you see how real his trauma is, and how it’s affecting him emotionally and mentally. Its straining him, and soon you see how close he is to breaking…and that just about broke my heart…seeing how much he needed to be accepted and loved for who he is. He has never known love or a gentle hand since he was a boy with his governess. What was even better…was seeing how Grace fully accepts him, knowing everything and how willing she is to be open to him and love him unconditionally. This is a story that is one of the best of Julia London….provacative, riveting in emotion, and strong in plot and building of characters.

The Cover 

I have to say I love poses like the one we have here…I adore red covers,,,a very bold and sensual color, and it works great with this one.

Overall View 

The Devil Takes A Bride is a truly sensational tale of the power of love….how it can heal and give one strength and provoke sensation. A Sensual tale that will sweep you away. A SPLENDID TALE!!