Short Review-When Darkness Comes

When Darkness Comes - Alexandra Ivy



I wanted to try to get a review in real quick before I head off to work. So this will be a bit shorter than normal. I have of late been on the hunt for some good vampire romances lately, its been the type of trope I have been in the mood for. And when I saw a review for the most recent book in this series, I realized I hadn’t read this one yet…and that I needed to get a head start on it. So I grabbed it on B&N and started reading…and wowzers I was very impressed with the story. Now it’s not a J.R. Ward or Kresley Cole type romance…its fun and silly at times, romantic and sweet, dangerous and suspenseful and packed with a mystery that kept me guessing. The heat in the book I would consider “Warm” just because it’s not the primary focus of the story (which is refreshing)…I loved seeing more than just sex in a vampire romance…that there is substance and realism to the relationship. Or maybe just lately the paranormals I have been reading there is way more sex than story and it has just been too much since I like a good story and then great sex to make the story fabulous. What i found most endearing about this story was the charm and plot twists, at times it was predictable but others it blew me away and I kept thinking “I totally didn’t see that coming” and it surprsied me in moments that I was overwhelmed but in a positive way. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the second book…bring it on Alexandra Ivy!!