Book Review-Her Prefect Mate.

Her Perfect Mate - Paige Tyler


Landon Donovan, is a captain in the special forces, he has gone on multiple dangerous missions and covert trips, but in the middle of his mission, he is pulled, and sent to Washington, and forced to leave his team…men he considers family. But he is told that he will be part of a two man team, and his job will be to watch out for his partner, a partner that has certain talents that goes above anything Landon has ever seen. When Landon meets his partner, Ivy, he wonders how he could take her of all people on dangerous missions, she doesn’t look like she could hurt a fly. But when they spar for the first time, he realizes how dangerous she really is, she has moves he has never seen, but Landon isn’t special ops for nothing, and holds his own, and soon sparks fly just as the danger to them does, and soon they are embroiled in a battle they may not survive…

The Hero 

Landon, is a tough military officer, he has dedicated his life to doing the right thing, and protecting his men. He is capable, loyal, and strong in a fight. From hand to hand combat to weapons…he loves it all. He has always wanted to serve in the special ops…he loves his guns and the explosives, and enjoys a good fight. Landon is a leader, confident and proud of what he has accomplished. But there is one aspect in his life he has never succeeded at…relationships. Being in a covert unit keeps him from developing anything strong, but then he meets Ivy, and despite the fact their relationship is forbidden…he can’t resist or let her go. I loved Landon as the hero…he is one sexy male, and he impressed me from the beginning. I loved the way he handles himself…and deals with dangerous situations.

The Heroine 

Ivy, is a feline shifter, and works in a military unit, but her luck isn’t very high. Her last two partners were duds, and she wants a partner that will respect her and let her do what she is best at. Ivy, has kept the truth about what she does from her family, she is one of those rare humans that got that lucky active gene that has brought her out inner cat. Her abilities are those of the instincts of a feline, she can’t shift completely, but she definitely hisses and growls, and her claws come out when she needs them to. I love the way that Ivy is portrayed in the story, Ivy was a admirable heroine. I loved how she handles pressure, and takes everything in stride, she has this clear perspective on certain situations that is very enlightening.

Plot and Story Line 

Her Perfect Mate is a story to die for…it has everything I look for in a paranormal romance and a bit more. This is much more than just a paranormal themed story…it has many romantic suspense elements in it too…which just makes it even better. I recently discovered this author this year, and I just adored her writing style. Its engaging and heartwarming, and keeps you thrilled and excited all the meanwhile your reading. In Her Perfect Mate we see a story that brings together two people, these two individuals, are fighters, talented and smart, capable and confident and have  a instant spark. They are forbidden to ever have a relationship, but from the first moment they kiss, their priorities change, and we Ivy and Landon form a bond, that is powerful and the more time they spend together the stronger the bond becomes. They fight good together, and they are well matched as a team, we see how they both have vulnerabilities, but their strengths balance each other out. I can hardly wait to read the second book…oh good ole Clayne….excited to see what happens in his book and in future books!!

The Cover 

What a bold cover…I love the stance of the two here, and the hero…mmm he certainly is yummy to look at. I love the gold background and gives off that edgy sense that is portrayed in the story.

Overall View 

Her Perfect Mate is a thrilling tale of a military romance, a dangerous enemy, an explosive passion, and a story that is exciting and gripping!! UTTERLY MESMERIZING!!