Review-All Lined Up

All Lined Up  (Rusk University series, Book 1) (The Rusk University) - Cora Carmack


Dallas Cole hates football, her father raised her and she always came second to his coaching. But when she dates a football player in high school, and got her heart-broken, she knew that she could never be with anything that was connected to the sport. She is determined to focus on her studies and her dancing. Football is her past, and dancing is her future. When her roommate drags her to a party, she finds herself in a bad position, facing her ex, and she meets Carson McClain. Carson, loves football, and will do anything to succeed. He needs the scholarship so he can stay in college, and he needs to focus all of his attention on his classes and football…he can’t afford any distractions…and Dallas is one big distraction. But he can’t resist her, and on one evening where they share the most sensual kiss of his life, he definitely knows he is about to be tested, because not only is she smart and sexy, there is one problem….she is the Head Coach Cole’s daughter, and if they are found out it could mean he can’t play football anymore.

The Hero 

Carson McClain, needs to succeed at Rusk University…this is his only chance to make something of himself. All he knows if farming and football, he doesn’t believe he can do anything else. Carson is driven to become more than he is. Carson is willing to do whatever it takes to make it on the team, no matter how many hours he has to train and lift weights, or run…he will do anything. Carson is a hero to love, he has such drive and passion, to be good at something. He doesn’t have much self-esteem at first, but as his confidence builds, he starts to believe he has talent…and that he can do something more than farming. I love how determined he is…I mean boy is he determined to do what needs to be done.

The Heroine 

Dallas was raised by her father, a father whose sole attention was on football rather than raising his daughter. She has always felt like she was second to everything else in his life. Her mother abandoned her when she was little, and her father refuses to let her even leave the state to go to a New York dancing school, but keeps her here in Texas, at a university he approves of, and is coaching at. Dallas knows he is just being over protective, but she wants to dance professionally, and in order to do that she needs to leave Texas and go to a program that will be a benefit to her. Dallas is more reserved and focused. What I enjoyed about Dallas is when she wants to she can relax and have a good time…with the right people. I enjoyed seeing her stand up to her father through the story, and fight for what she wants in her life.

Plot and Story Line 

This is first book in a fabulous New Adult series that just has me hooked. I have been wanting to try this author out for quite a while, and so I finally got the first book, and already bought the other two books in the series after reading this one….I loved it that much. What I enjoyed about this one…its not your typical New Adult romance…there is some conflict and drama, but its the type that you can easily relate to. I felt a kinship to Dallas, she is smart and talented, but not the most outgoing person in the world, she is more reserved and doesn’t mind keeping to herself once in a while…I totally related with her on that level. The hero just won my heart from the beginning, you see how much he is struggling to be something more, and he has compassion and a drive to admire. He doesn’t let anyone get him down and is so stubborn and I loved seeing his truer qualities shine through in this story. We definitely see a caterpillar blossom into a butterfly (star football player), he has what it takes to succeed and it was so fun to see him do it. The romance is sweet and romantic, and they do deal with some conflict, but they also come together when it matters most, and fight for each other…everything you need in a solid romance!!

The Cover 

I like it quite a bit…its a bit different, but many New Adult covers now are…I love the pose, its like they are so well fit together, they just relax into each other. It hints at the friendship they build throughout the book.

Overall View 

All Line Up is a friendship to lover romance….a story to know and love, a truly emotional and tender story. TRULY UNFORGETTABLE!!