Adam - Jennifer Ashley

This was a novella, so I will just do a short review on this one.

Adam is the first book in a new series by Jennifer Ashley, and after having reading this, I am beyond impressed with this authors abilitiy to transfer between genres. Its very awe inspiring when you see such talent from a favorite author. Most of the time I can’t stand it when authors transition between genres, because it usually means that some of those books won’t be as good as what they normally write…but this fine lady is pure talent when it comes to writing. From what I can gather so far, this series is not full length novels (sad) but maybe that will change. But the first two books are novella length…so we will see what happens. Normally I can’t stand novella’s because I always tend to get the impression that there is something missing, or the ending is too short, but with this story I didn’t feel that way at all…it felt pretty well balanced. Adam is a story of a man that is a stunt man (and oh boy you don’t see this too often but I do love seeing a character that does stunts for a living). He has been in a accident, and lost his best friend. He has suffered a leg injury and burns on his face. His family have a ranch where they train horses for stunts and other things…the bond between the family is quite entertaining, they are close, but banter and tease each other merciessly. They love and protect and fight for one another. Then we have the heroine, Bailey. Bailey and Adam were once a thing in high school, it was short and sweet. But they never lost the connection. Now that Adam has returned, Bailey is aiding Adam in recovering and the sparks begin to fly between them. Both Bailey and Adam have emotinal wounds, and need healing…and what I enjoyed most about this story was how they helped each other without even realizing it. This is a heart wrenching story about healing, redemption and learning to love when it matters most. I loved the raw emotion that is played out in this story, along with the western feel to the book, and the close families ties…and it all brings together a fabulous story to captivate your heart.