Book Review-Feral Sins

Feral Sins (Phoenix Pack #1) - Suzanne Wright


Taryn, is a latent wolf shifter, and all of her life, she has been judged and considered weaker despite the fact that she is a dominant female. She is fierce and feisty and doesn’t back down from a fight. She is enraged when she wakes up after being drugged, and the crazy Alpha of the Phoenix pack, doesn’t stir at her anger, only smirks. He needs her help, help that could help her get out of an arranged marriage that she doesn’t want. Trey Coleman, needs a mate for three months, to help get some alliances, to prevent his pack from being killed or merged into a pack that betrayed Trey and those that followed him. Taryn knows that mating temporarily could bring heartbreak to her wolf, but she needs a way to escape from her fathers plans for her, so she decides to mate with Trey. At first Trey and Taryn don’t let anything but sexual desire enter in their relationship, however soon despite their best efforts, a deeper bond forms, a bond that surprises both of them. But there is a danger to their pack, a battle is coming up and they will need to be all ready for it…

The Hero 

Trey, was abused as a child, his father, the Alpha of the pack, didn’t care about the abuse he handed to his oldest son. When Trey was a teenager, he killed his father,and doesn’t feel guilty, because his father deserved it. But because of his actions, his pack, the only home he had ever known, betrayed him and kicked him out, and those that followed him formed their own pack, the “Phoenix Pack”. They are a small number, but powerful. Trey is well-known as an alpha wolf who can go crazy and feral in a fight. No one gets away from fighting him alive. Trey has a magnetism to him, an alpha that is powerful and commanding, and full of possessive qualities. He was one hell of a hero, and boy could he make the temperature in the room rise to a dangerous level. Hot as a blazing fire.

The Heroine 

Taryn, has never felt welcomed or loved by her father. She lost her mother at a young age, She has a latent wolf, meaning she will never fully shift. She can partially shift, especially if she is angry and ready for a fight. Taryn is practically being forced into a mating by her father, to a man that wants to turn her from a dominant to a submissive slave and she refuses to live a horrible life with a man who doesn’t care for her at all, but only sees her as a toy. Taryn is fierce, passionate, a dominant female, loves her unique phrases, and has a humor to lighten any mood. She was such a fun heroine, I don’t think I have ever read a heroine like her. She has two sides to her, but she is fun and easy-going and at the same time, is an alpha female, and knows how to fight her own way. I found her to be very refreshing

Plot and Story Line 

Feral Sins is the first book of the series. This is a new to me author, and what an author. I was able to have this be an audio book, and I really loved the narrator, except for a few of the sex scenes, for the most part she did an excellent job, however she went a little too much into the sex scenes that felt a bit off from the rest of the book. Other than that this story was beyond excellent. This is the first book that I have read from this author, and I definitely plan on reading more from her. I just love a fun shifter romance, and this series I have a feeling is going to be one that I will fall in love with easily. This is quite a hot and steamy romance, but at the same time, it also has quite a bit of focus on the building up of the plot. There is warning that there is a menage scene….well the version I read didn’t have that. So if that might keep you from reading this, don’t let it. From the very beginning I knew that I would fall in love with this story, and there isn’t anything I could complain about the plot or the building of the characters. We see great things that happen between the main couple, but also from the side characters. There is wonderful humor in this story, and there were a couple of characters such as Dominick with his cheesy sexual lines….that seriously made me burst out laughing quite a few times, that I am sure my roomies think I am crazy. What I also enjoyed was seeing Taryn and Trey battle things out and try to work out certain issues. They are both dominant alphas, so there is bound to be a bit of trouble. Trey is too serious and Taryn loves having fun–so they are like fire and ice….except together they become quite a driving force.  This is a delightful romp of a romance, that brings together an intense sensuality, riveting excitement, captivating characters, and packed with everything that you need in a paranormal romance.


There are actually two different covers, this cover is more recent and I really love it more. I love couple poses like this, and I really love the blue hues, and the wolf image in the background.

Overall View 

Feral Sins is a riveting shifter love story, that is blazing hot, sweet yet spicy, and is beyond a delectable treat you can bite into!!!