Again The Magic

Again The Magic - Lisa Kleypas Aline once fell in love with John McKenna, who she grew up with as a child, but when she became a woman everything changed, and after she had to force him to leave, her life changed forever....and now he is back in her life, and she knows that the least thing he is thinking of is the love they once shared, but revenge that is directed toward her. However as much as she wants to she knows she can't risk telling him the truth no matter how much it makes her ache inside. John, knew that there was no future for them but now he is forever changed from that young innocent stable boy who believed in love and hope for the future. He has created his own future, but Aline has always haunted his thoughts and has come back to get his revenge, only things don't add up and his passion for Aline resurfaces only stronger than ever.....Again The Magic, is the fourth in the Bow Street Runners, I think I may have read this one once before, but I don't remember it but there were parts that seemed familiar. I just fell in love with this book, it was everything I could have hoped for. Aline, is darling, even though I think she could have used more spine to fight for what she really wanted. For some reason John seemed so amusing to me, I really have no idea why, just that his character appealed to me in a certain way that made me smile. I just loved how the story progressed, the bed scenes were very heated but at the same time romantically sweet. I find the more I read this author the more I wish more authors were like her, I just love her stories and how they connect even though the series are different from each other. I also loved how their was a side love story to Aline's and Westcliffs younger sister....I found Again the Magic a very charming love story that just sang to the heart.....even though it had some flaws overall an sweet love story......