To Burn

To Burn - Claudia Dain Melania is a roman, after her villa is attacked and her father killed she is taken captive by Wulfred, a Saxon warrior. Wulfred despises the Romans, after suffering great at their hands he vows vengence. Killing and rampaging any Roman in his way, as it is with his fellow Saxon's. However when he is faced with this Roman beauty, she is different and is definitely intrigued. At first Melania is bitter again Wulfred, always standing up to him in a very violent way. As time continues however, there is a sensual connection that fires up between the two. But who will conquer who? Will love be the conquering will power in their bonding?

I found that as much as I loved the cover and the book description however this wasn't a book that I enjoyed to the extent that I had a hard time reading it at time. Melania even though there were times that I enjoyed her personality, at the beginning of this book, I found her to have a very violent nature, and I had a difficult time liking this heroine. I think the time that I started to like her is when she started to gentle her nature toward Wulfred. Wulfred is pure alpha male, and I found him endearing, despite his domineering manner. Of course considering the fact that he is a commander in the Saxon army and what he has suffered in the past, but if amused by Melania's actions at certain times. Although there were times that I really enjoyed this love story that blossoms between two enemies, there were still some parts that I struggled with and it seemed like it didn't flow smoothly all the way through. But it was a good romance and had some enlightening aspects that was amusing and heated at times.