My Dangerous Duke

My Dangerous Duke - Gaelen Foley When Kate is kidnapped from her home, drugged, and taken to the home of the Duke of Warrington, she doesn't know what to make of him. He is very mysterious, very handsome in a very sinful way, and he makes her body heat with just one look. However he is always questioning her, and she is the innocent one in all of this, but as they both get closer to the truth, the closer the danger gets, the more intense their desire for each other escalates into a powerful love even though they know its dangerous....My Dangerous Duke is the second in the series, and again I am reading this series out of order,but even though it would be nice to read it in order, sometimes I get too impatient, and I just grab what I can find. I have found that it can be read out of order, but then again I can catch on pretty easily....My Dangerous Duke starts out wit Kate being drugged, and you see that she is really courageous and faces up to Rohan not knowing if he is the type of man to rape or not, but she soon finds out that he is not what the legend say. Rohan, has stayed away from his home in the country for a very good reason, but now he has to be there at least for a little while. Rohan, is very suspicious of Kate especially through the first half of the book, however we start to see that once you bang your head enough then eventually you will start to see reason. It was pretty funny to see Rohan and Kate clash against each other, there was also a sexual tension through the whole story that keeps one captivated, and could fog one's windows if your not careful....I just loved the danger aspect to the plot, it just kept me on the edge of my seat the majority of the time, and the mystery was a perfect element to the book, and added a sense intrigue and excitement that becomes very engaging....and the detail of the events that happen are very vivid in a certain way.....A exciting thrill of a romance!!!