In Bed With the Devil (Avon Romantic Treasure)

In Bed With the Devil (Avon Romantic Treasure) - Lorraine Heath Catherine Mabry is desperate, after finding out that her closest friend is being abused, she is at her wits end. Her friend has no choice but to bear the abuse and put a smile on her face, but Catherine has different ideas about getting rid of this tormentor. She goes to the "Devil Earl" Lucian Langdon who is rumored to have killed, so she knows that he is the perfect person on the job. However when she sneaks into his residence but after sharing a sensual embrace, things start to heat up between the two. Lucian is curious by this woman's proposition which has nothing to do with satin sheets and heated nights of passion, but to kill someone, whom he has no idea who this man is or what he has done to deserve such a thing. However he makes a deal with her, one that she won't be able to refuse. Lucian desires the one woman he has loved all of his life to be his wife, but he needs someone to teach her to be a Earls wife and to be accepted into society, and Catherine is the perfect tutor for the job. But as things progress, dark secrets will come to life as well as a deep desire that both these two will discover, one where will help them down the precarious road of love and need.

I have just loved this series, its a favorite of mine by Lorraine Heath. In Bed With The Devil is the first installment of the Scoundrels Of St James series. We have Lucian who was found at a young boy by a man called Feagen and showed him the ropes of the streets which included pick pocketing and stealing. However his grandfather found him and he learned how to become the Earl which is his heritage as well. However he has never had much interest in Society then he meets the beautiful creature Catherine who comes to him with a dangerous proposition. But what he learns is that he is falling in love with a woman he has only known a short time, alot more than the one woman he has vowed to marry. This love story is definitely filled with mystery and conflict and a heated passion that we see grows between these two characters. The interaction between these two are very amusing at time, but connect for the reader. In Bed with the Devil is a engaging read that will swirl you among a deep mystery of secrets, witty interaction, and a love story that will tie up knots in you and leaving you purely satisfied. Lorraine Heath surely delivers!!!