Just Like Heaven

Just Like Heaven - Julia Quinn Honoria, the youngest daughter of a Earl, and part of the Smuth-Smiths quartet, is in search of a husband. Then she meets up with Marcus, the Earl of Chatteris. Marcus was her brothers best friend, and is surprised to see him. Marcus, promised her brother Daniel that he would look after his sister Honoria, and make sure that she doesn't marry foolishly. But when events occur that put them in close proximity, sparks fly, and even though they both resist at first, they start to fall in love with each other despite injury and sickness, but will their love be strong enough when a secret comes out that Marcus has been hiding from Honoria?
Just Like Heaven is the first in the Quartet series and I have always had a love for Julia Quinn. I have to say though at the beginning I had a hard time getting into the story, but thankfully as things started to get Really interesting, I started to get really into the story and the characters. I really liked how both Marcus and Honoria have known each other since childhood, and somehow that friendship turns into something way more than either would have expected. It was fun to see the different mishaps that put these two together. Although this book is far from my favorite of Julia Quinn's, I still really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to any romance lover.....