Dark Victory (Masters of Time, Book 4)

Dark Victory (Masters of Time, Book 4) - Brenda Joyce Guy "Black" Macleod has heard a woman's voice haunt him since he was a boy and his family killed in a fire, by his enemies. Now he has yet to take the Masters Oath because he pursues revenge for what was done to his family and clan. Then he is summoned to the one woman whose voice has haunted him most of his life. Tabitha Rose, is a schoolteacher and a Rose and is able to have visions to help others that need protecting. Tabitha has had bad luck with men, having been married and divorced (which was a disaster with a husband that had a affair most of their time together) When Tabitha see's Guy in a vision, she feels a needs to help him and she summons him thinking him hurt, but in the end he ends up saving her life and taking her back to his time because there is a great evil stalking the both of them. What Tabitha didn't expect to find in this powerful Highlander, was that he is her Destiny and that their love would save each other....Dark Victory is the fourth installment in the Masters of Time series. I have now read all of the books in this series, and I have just loved the aspects of these stories. Brenda Joyce has written a passionate and a unforgettable series with strong characters that are entertaining. I fell in love with both characters but especially Tabitha, who even though she has fallen in love before, has also been hurt and has a hard time with trust and finding a gentle man, and we see how much she starts to change to her real self who is passionate and strong but is still gentle and elegant when she needs to be as well. Brenda Joyce takes the reader on a thrilling and mind blowing adventure filled with intrigue, magic, and romance!!! I just loved Dark Victory and one of my favorites of this author!!! A FANTASTIC READ!!!

My Favorite Quote
Tabby clenched her fists "You can stay, but only for one night, and you sleep there, on the sofa" She pointed, her hand trembling " And you will sleep there alone,"
He murmured "Then stop thinkin' about me without my clothes,"