Ice & Rapture (Leisure historical romance)

Ice & Rapture (Leisure historical romance) - Connie Mason Maggie Afton, is dedicated to writing in the newspaper, and has to work hard to make a name for herself, which isn't easy in the late 1800's. When she hears about the gold rush, she knows she must have the story. So with enough stubborness and grit she convinces her boss to let her go to do the story on the Klondike. When she reaches the Yukon, she meets Chase who kindles the sensual fire just waiting to be released within her.

Every time I read this author, I fall in love with her again. I was able to get a borrowed copy of this book through open library. I really enjoyed this story, its over 400 pages, but it surely didn't feel like it was that long. I flew through it once Maggie and Chase hit it off with each other. It had quite a intense plot, and the characters were passionate and richly engaging to this reader. It has quite a bit of conflict between the couple and it was quite amusing at times. I did enjoy how they finally come together in the end, and put away their stubborness. Overall I enjoyed Ice and Rapture quite a bit, it definitely had a unique sense to the story. With the setting to the story the detail and intensity to the story, it won me over from beginning to the end.