Capture the Rainbow (Loveswept)

Capture the Rainbow (Loveswept) - Iris Johansen Stuntwoman Kendra Michaels is hoping for a future high paying but also high risk job, which would also help in her brothers medical bills due to a accident that he had on a stunt job. When she meets Director Joel Damon, there is sparks that fly between them at a party, and they spend a sensational night together, but then later anger fireworks happen, and Kendra leaved Joel and steals his car since he has no phone for her to call a cab, in a isolated area. So after Kendra finished her current job, she goes over to Sedikhan, to work on a movie with Joel as Director, and sparks fly between them once more. Joel after realizing how much Kendra means to him doesn't want Kendra to do the stunt work on the current job, since its one of the more high risk stunts, which could kill you if you don't do it right, and then goes out to prove to Kendra who is boss, but she is alot tougher than she looks, and sooner or later Joel and Kendra will have to admit their powerful feelings for one another.
I just have loved this book and I love listening to this book, there is such a great narrator and I have just loved reading each and every one of the Sedikhan series. Capture the Rainbow is one of those powerfully romantic but short love stories that will tug at every emotion as you read this story. Kendra is a stuntwoman and has to pay for her brothers bills when he was in a accident, and so she has to take the most high risk since they are the high paying jobs as well. And then we have this delectable romance going on between Kendra and Joel that will make you laugh and cry, and some very intense moments that will have you at the edge of your seat, so this is one of my favorite romances to read especially by this author, and its going for a 5 rating on my scale, but I could just re read this over and over and never be bored.