Secrets of the Highlander

Secrets of the Highlander - Janet Chapman Megan McKeage went to work on the Canadian Tundra and met a Wayne Ferris where she fell in love only to have her heart broken by him, and now pregnant and returned back to her family, is determined to start a new and fresh start with her child. Only things hardly go as planned, especially if your from the MacKeage Clan. Then the new chief of police Jack Stone, she finds out in a unexpected way, is the same man as Wayne...and now after just buying a home for herself she has no idea what to do. Megan knows that she can't trust Wayne/Jack, because he hurt her once, and he definitely could do it again. Jack, still feels guilt over the way he had to hurt Megan, but he is a private eye, and had to keep who he was a secret, and when Megan was in danger he did the only thing he could in order to protect her...but at what cost?? Can Megan and Jack look past the hurt and betrayal to find and hold onto their love once more?....
Secrets Of The Highlander is the sixth in the Highlander series. After reading Megans' parents book I was excited to read her book, and I have just loved this series so far...and each book that I read I only want to read this author more and more. I feel like I am practically addicted to her writing and her stories, and I just can't get enough of them....definitely a well worth it read to be sure. Secrets of the Highlander is one of those romances that just pulls at your heart, I felt a kinship with Megan, and was on her side most of the time...because even though Jack is trying to protect her....he definitely needs to work for it to get her trust back...and I was entertained seeing him try....I just loved the wit and humor that is in this book...there were parts that I just burst out in laughter...and those of you who have read this book know exactly what parts I am talking about (LOL) and those that haven't just need to read this series and you will laugh your heart out....but I did love the romantic side to the story as well...the wit I found was a perfect balance with the love story and with a spice of mystery and some fast paced action. There was such pure pleasure in reading Secrets Of The Highlander and I am thrilled to have found a new favorite author.