Tender Is the Storm

Tender Is the Storm - Johanna Lindsey Sharisse Hammond, an american heiress, is engaged to a man that she doesn't love, and feels trapped with no way out, not realizing at first that it is her younger sister that is in love with her fiancee. Once Sharisse learns of this, she learns that her sister has been corresponding with a man in Arizona who is looking for a wife as a mail order bride. So Sharisse decides to let her sister persuade her to go all the way to Arizona to marry a man she doesn't know, but would rather go out west, than marry someone that her father planned for her. However she never expected how hard life could be out west with a man, never realizing, that really never had any intention of marrying her. But Sharisse learns an aching passion in Lucas's arms, that she never expected to find, and wonders that when the truth comes about who she really is, will she lose him or find such a exquisite love.Tender Is The Storm is a single book, not part of any series, written by well known author Johanna Lindsey. It takes place in the American West. This is a story about a young woman who was unhappy in her father's plans for her, so she decided to make her own decisions regarding her happiness. And a story of a man, who has lost much, and on a quest of revenge, needs a woman, for a wife, but never plans to keep her as such. But throughout this story, we see a enticing adventure, charming characters and a tender love story that bonds two people from different worlds. I found this to be such a romance that was filled with such romance and adventure that I found I couldn't put it down. A romantic treasure to be sure!