Heart Of Fire

Heart Of Fire - Kat Martin Corrie, after her sisters death, is devastated, especially when they were so close. However Corrie strongly suspects that her sister was married and suspects its because her sister became pregnant, and the father didn't want the responsibility. So she goes to the Earl of Tremaine, posing as a distant cousin through a marriage, to uncover the truth. So posing at the Castle Tremaine as a young widow, which makes her desirable to Gray, and soon enough the desire between them explodes into a inflaming passion that bothers with their good sense, and both of their quests to seek the truth secretly about each other. But when they choose to open their hearts, they will find a powerful love that will see them through the upcoming danger that threatens both of their lives...Heart of Fire is the second installment in the Heart Trilogy by Kat Martin. Now this is the first chance I have had to read from this author, and I after such a enjoyable time I had reading Heart of Fire, I have decided to definitely try out the rest of her books. I had heard good and bad things about Martin's books, but the blurb and the cover got me hooked, and after reading the first chapter, I knew I would fall in love with this story and not regretting reading it, and I was right!!! It was such a delight to read, for one I love mystery mixed with sizzling romance, so it was a perfect mixture of what I truly enjoy in a good book. The characters were refreshing and lively, and were portrayed so vividly, its like I know that as real people LOL Crazy I know, but when I get into a good book, that tends to happen frequently. Such a enjoyable read!! I am definitely looking forward to reading