Montana Creeds: Dylan

Montana Creeds: Dylan - Linda Lael Miller This is the second in the creed men trilogy, and I truly loved Dylan about as much as I loved Logan. It start out in Las Vegas, Nevada. Where Dylan comes out to his truck, and finds his two year old daughter "Bonnie", furious that she was left alone; he then finds a note from Sharlene saying that she can't keep Bonnie anymore and that she is heading out with her current boyfriend. He decides that he is going to learn to take good care of his daughter (since Sharlene hardly let him see "Bonnie" so he really has no idea what he is doing) and heads to Stillwater Springs Ranch.
Kristy Madison is the town librarian, feeling all alone in the world with her parents having been dead for some time, and the only man she has ever truly loved broke her heart when she was younger. She sometimes feels like she is going to be a spinster; but has a good life for herself. Then one day Dylan Creed strolls into her library for story time with a toddler in his arms. Kristy is utterly speechless. Its been years since she has seen Dylan Creed, and never thought that she would see him anytime soon.
Dylan with his responsiblities to his daughter, is yet still drawn to the beautiful, sexy, librarian. Kristy, knows she needs more than what she currently has. She yearns for love and a home and children of her own. "Bonnie totally captivates Kristy' attention, and soon Kristy's is enchanted by her acceptance and innocence that a young child possess. There is also strange mysterious things happening around Stillwater Springs, a mystery that both Kristy and Dylan are willing to solve. With questions being aroused about Kristy and Dylan's father, feelings begin to develop again between Kristy and Dylan.

I was totally enthralled by this particular story of Millers. Ever since I have read Logan's story, I have looked forward to reading Dylan's, and it didn't disappoint. Of course whenever I read one of Linda Lael's Millers books; I rarely get disappointed. Dylan's Story is loaded with intrigue, passionate embraces, and a tender strengthening love that develops between Dylan and Kristy. I could barely put it down, and endearingly fell in love with the story. There were only a few things that I didn't feel worked right within the story line, but other than a few minor details, it was a very exciting and enjoyable read.