Dream Lake. by Lisa Kleypas (Friday Harbor)

Dream Lake. by Lisa Kleypas (Friday Harbor) - Lisa Kleypas Alex is the most bitter of the three brothers, even though the youngest, he is the least carefree and can be very cynical about his life. When he first married, he knew that she would never be a woman he could care about. So when she wanted a divorce, it came to no surprise to Alex. What he didn't like was having her take everything from him in the financial aspect. But then he takes a job repairing a cottage for Zoe Hoffman. Zoe was raised by her grandmother most of her life. When her mother left her and her father when she was little, her father left as well, and had her grandmother raise her. Zoe has felt like the only person to truly care for her are her closest friends and her grandmother. When she hears that her grandmother has a certain condition that is similar to all timers, only worse, she knows she would rather have her grandmother by her side, and taking care of her. So she asks for Alex's help repairing a old cottage that belongs to their family. Alex can't force himself to stop drinking for one moment, it is the only things that makes him forget the mess of his life. When a certain ghost starts haunting him and following him everywhere, he wonders if he is really crazy. The ghost has been existing for centuries, but Alex is the first mortal to see him, so he knows it is up to him to help Alex and himself as well. When Zoe first meets Alex, she knows he is the worst man for her. She knows it, and Alex knows it, but that doesn't stop the sizzling attraction that only builds the more they are near each other. But sometimes love surprises you when you least expect it.

This is one of those series I had the misfortune of reading out of order. Now I will say you can read it out of order, but I always prefer to read Kleypas' series in order if possible. I felt like Dream Lake and Rainshadow Road could probably be read at the same time, since they both occur around the same time. After reading Crystal Cove, I was a bit apprehensive about reading this one, I mean I knew I would most likely enjoy it. But I have felt with this series, it doesn't have the same spark as with her other books. However I can occasionally be wrong (I know, a impossibility right?) Well I absolutely loved this one.

It begins with seeing Alex come to Friday Harbor, and starts living with his brother Sam. It starts off with Alex first hearing of his wife desiring a divorce, and this is where he starts drinking enough alcohol to kill ya in a week. Drinking is pretty much all that he does for quite some time, until he meets Zoe. Now Zoe is the type of girl to even go for the Alex Type. She wants love, devotion and passion. Alex knows that Zoe is one the most beautiful women he has ever laid his eyes on, but he feels he would just ruin her goodness. So he endeavors to try to stay as far from her as he possibly can. Well Zoe is a bit stubborn and she knows that even though nothing real could come from a relationship with Alex, she has never felt such a strong connection with anyone. Then we have the ghost enter the scene. He first is at Sam's house, but when he notices Alex he is able to go where he goes, and Alex for some odd reason can see this ghost, when no one else can. Alex knows that he and Zoe are as different as oil and water, but he can't deny his attraction to her, and at first its just sex to him. But as he truly see Zoe for who she really is, he starts to soften, and desires the whole kit and caboodle---love, passion, marriage and a family.

I found Alex to be the normal type of hero that Kleypas has in her books-at least for the most part. He is a bit self destructive, way too cynical, especially for Zoe--who is beyond sweet and gentle. Not his type, but opposites do attract. These two may be so different from each other, but they are attracted to each other like a moth to flame. Zoe is tender hearted and vulnerable at times, but I liked seeing these two interact, and how Alex doesn't take advantage of her( even though you kinda expect him to at some point). There are so many small layers to this couple, and as you get further into the book, you scrape more through the layers, and there is so much depth at times.

I found Dream Lake to be a truly wonderful and fully satisfying read, that when you are finished (you have the kind of feeling of "Well Done"). I truly admired this couple, and all the hurdles they had to cross, and there were a surprise here and there, that keeps the reader on their toes. There is no predictable situations, its all written in a certain way, it holds your attention from the beginning. Deep emotions, sweet magical story, and richly developed that its better than a box of chocolates. (And I am a lover of chocolate) Full of witty humor, a riveting story, purely enchanting!!!

Favorite Quotes
"All you need to know is that I don't make love to women, I use them. To you, sex is about kindness, honesty, commitment...well, I don't bring any of that to bed. If you're as smart as I think you are, you'll believe that."
"I do," Zoe said promptly
"Yes." But after a long hesitation, Zoe's gaze dropped and the corners of her mouth quirked. "No," she admitted, "I really don't."
"Damn it, Zoe--" He broke off in frustration , all the more provoked because she was trying not to smile, as if she thought him as some big pussycat trying to pose as a tiger. The hint of amusement flitting across her lips drove him crazy. Before he knew what he was doing, he crushed his mouth over hers, holding her head so she couldn't jerk back. She tasted like lavender sugar. Sweet, dark-flowering kisses, opening in a way that focused all his senses on this one moment, this one blinding perception of pleasure.
“Because one day of something wonderful is better than a forever of nothing special.”
“I know. But I hate weddings.”
“Because of Darcy?”
“Because a wedding is a ceremony where a symbolic virgin surrounded by women in ugly dresses marries a hungover groom accompanied by
friends he hasn’t seen in years but made them show up anyway. After that, there’s a reception where the guests are held hostage for two hours with
nothing to eat except lukewarm chicken winglets or those weird coated almonds, and the DJ tries to brainwash everyone into doing the electric
slide and the Macarena, which some drunk idiots always go for. The only good part about a wedding is the free booze.”
“Can you say that again?” Sam asked. “Because I might want to write it down and use it as part of my speech.”