Heat Seeker (Elite Ops)

Heat Seeker (Elite Ops) - Lora Leigh John Vincent has been proclaimed dead by all those who knew him. Now he has a new life, as a member of a elite ops, where all members on the team are dead to the world and new people. In John's previous life he met the beautiful and sensual Bailey Serborne, who mixed up his emotions, and was the one thing he truly regretted hurting as a effect of his previous "fake" death. Bailey Serborne, is our for revenge for the death of her family, then she meets John Vincent who is so alike to a man she once knew and cared deeply for. As events progress where danger and intrigue escalate so does the desire and passion they have for each other, to the point of explosive heat. What John or Bailey never realized was the love and passion they once shared still exists strongly between them, and if they embrace it they will only be stronger as a team.

Heat Seeker is a book that was written as a part of two series, which I thought was fascinating and somewhat unique. Heat Seeker is part of the Elite Ops series and the Tempting Seals series, although these two series are very alike. Heat Seeker is probably the most explosively erotically book that I have read from Lora Leigh. I have enjoyed reading her Breeds series, but this Elite Ops series seems to focus more on the sexual desires between the two characters than the plot or the romantic and emotional relationship between Bailey and John. It does have a intriguing plot though, where the hero "John" is another person and looks different than who he was before, yet Bailey is able to see through the exterior and find the inner man that once was claimed dead. Although it did have some exciting intrigue and danger elements to the book, it is far from my favorite from this author. Since I enjoy more of the emotional side of the love story, this however just seemed to emulate Lust full blown. Although it was enjoyable, throughout the whole of it, I just kept feeling like there wasn't much connection except sexual, and I was expecting more from this one. Lora Leigh always has a highly sexual side to her books, but it seems to me in this series it overlaps too much and there isn't much of a plot left. But if you like Lora Leigh's other series than you will enjoy this one, it still had some good elements about it, that did keep me on edge at time and there was a certain edge of mystery that leaves you breathless with questions of what Really will happen between the two, but it just wasn't as consistent in flow as some of her other books have been in the past.