Texas Glory

Texas Glory - Lorraine Heath Cordelia McQueen has always been a virtual prisoner in her fathers home. Dee is shocked when her father agrees to give her over to marriage to Dallas Leigh, her family's enemy. Dee is scared to death of this man, and desperately wishes that she was more important to her father than water and land that her father needs for his ranch. Having caring for her mother, after a scuffle with her father, and losing her, and her father broke his promise to her. Now she is married to Dallas and everything is unfamiliar, and feels more alone than ever. Dallas Leigh is desperate to have a son, and is determined to find a wife, and when he hears that McQueen has a daughter, he trades water rights for Cordelia as his wife. But he never realized how opposite they were from each other, he despises the fear he see's in her eyes and wants to do anything he can to take it from her. Dee although in the beginning afraid of her husband, starts to look at him through her own eyes, instead of her brothers eyes, and slowly she starts to get to know him and the fear fades away from her, and a desire that sparks between them, and a tender love that will only strengthen their intimate bond with one another...Texas Glory is the second in the Texas series by Lorraine Heath. This is my favorite book written by this author, I just love reading it, and could read it over and over and never be bored by this story. This story begins with two people that couldn't be more opposite of each other, and each one has certain dreams, but when they truly come together they manage to have both of their dreams come to life. I found this a powerfully emotional book, that will cling to your heart. It has such a charming note about it, the characters fully of depth and promise, this is truly a sparkling gem that will touch your soul.

My Favorite Quote:
"You were my dream, Dee. I just didn't know it. The part of me that I was always searching for."