For the Earl's Pleasure

For the Earl's Pleasure - Anne Mallory When I started to read For The Earl's Pleasure, I expected it to be more like the previous book that I had read....boy was I wrong, I definitely was in for a surprise. It starts out with Valerian and Abigail getting into quite a few intense verbal sparring matches, that I definitely found amusing. But then one eveing Valerian gets attacks and starts to appear to Abigail as a ghost. So at first I was a bit confused, because I honestly didn't expect any paranormal aspect to this book. But I found it to be a exciting element that was added to the book. I really liked seeing these two overcome their differences and finally be honest with each other. I really liked the dangerous element that was added to it, and I just loved how this is was a paranormal Historical Romance....doesn't happen very often, in fact its rare, and I thought Mallory did very well it putting it together in a way that draws the reader in completely and I found myself completely enthralled by the story, the characters, the suspenseful plot, and the sizzling chemistry that just about explodes. I will admit though I had a hard time getting into it with the first chapter or two, but I am surely relieved I stuck with it, because I would have missed out on a fabulously written story. So if you want a sizzling romance that will continually delight and surprise you, then this one is for you!!! You won't regret it!! :)