Dark Lycan (Carpathian)

Dark Lycan (Carpathian) - Christine Feehan What a amazing read!!! It has been a while since I have enjoyed a book so much. Dark Lycan is part of the carpathian series, but is also considered the first in a trilogy of sorts as well. Dark Lycan is a story about Tatijana and Fenris. When I started reading this, I found that It seemed to be full of zest and personality, that I have felt was missing from some of the books of this series, more of the more recent ones. Dark Lycan plays a unique setting where we see more of the Lycans mixed in with the Carpathians. We see familiar characters such as Mikhail, Gregori, Falcon, and Dimitri. Tatijana is one of the two sisters, that were imprisoned in ice for many years. Tatijana, is still healing emotionally, but she can't bear to be imprisoned, even if its good intentioned. So she goes on her own in the woods to be free, and she comes across Fenris, who is the older brother to Dimitri. But as their romance blossoms, so does the danger of a rogue lycan clan, whose leaders are two dangerous lycans mixed with vampire. There was quite a bit going on in this story, but I enjoyed seeing how it all fit together, I especially enjoyed seeing more of Dimitri and Skyler and seeing how their relationship has progressed. This story is full of excitement, suspense, danger, and a tender love story that will bring a tear to your eye. SPECTACULAR!!!!