Silent Warrior

Silent Warrior - Lindsey Piper Silent Warrior is the first installment in the series, its a short story, only about 80 pages or so, and introduces us into this world that Lindsey Piper has created. Now I have heard good things about this series, and about "Silent Warrior." So I was really excited to read it. It begins with the couple, fighting and pretty roughly too. I will warn you it is a bit brutal at times, and then they get into bed together, and then the romance begins LOL. The first half I was thinking, is there going to be any focus on their relationship or is it just fighting and sex? It is a bit crude especially in the beginning. I think I had a love/hate relationship with this story. I started out not liking it at all, but felt it was 80 pages, so give it a shot. Then about halfway, I felt like it started to get good, and in the way I like it. The ending was a bit rushed, and it almost felt like there wasn't much of one, but with a novella you can't be too picky, but you know that it will be a short story and won't be as satisfying as the full fledged novel. I am curious about Caged Warrior and plan on reading it soon, but I do hope that it will have more focus on the love story than Silent Warrior was. An Intense and suspense packed filled story that will put your teeth on edge.