Skies of Gold: The Ether Chronicles

Skies of Gold: The Ether Chronicles - Zoe Archer I was given the opportunity to read Skies of Gold through Avon and Edelweiss in return for a honest review. When I received this, I was pretty excited. This is the first of this author that I have had a chance to read. Even though its the last in the series, I had no reservation in reading this. When you read the synopsis, it just draws you in and you can hardly wait to get started. Another aspect of this story that is another first is the Steampunk like theme to it.

It starts with Kali heading on her way to live in seclusion on a island for a time. Recently Liverpool, England, has been attacked and bombed, and she barely survived. She still has nightmares of that time, and where she lost a part of herself that she fears she will never get again. She has lost her zest for living. Hoping that living on the island will help. When she first arrives she assumes that she is the only one at the island. After a couple of days she runs into a large and forbidding stranger, who stirs her blood with passion. He is one of the "Man o Wars". They are legendary, and rare, and she has always respected their abilities. Fletcher has served his country for many years, and recently became a Man O' War which is a huge accomplishment, and only the select few are selected. But when he crash lands on the Island, he is more than content to be assumed dead, and live out his life here. When he first meets Kali, he wants to keep his distance, because she makes him feel, and that is the last thing he needs, is a woman to worm her way into his heart. But the forbidden sometimes ends up becoming the greatest endeavor.

I found Skies of Gold passionate and a embodiment of why I love romance. The setting was a bit confusing at times, as this is the first steam punk style, it took me some time to get used to the differences compared to what I normally read. However after a chapter or two, I adjusted fairly well, and was fully enveloped into the story and it swept me away with its intense plot and endearing characters, that you are bound to fall for immediately. Fletcher, is the type of hero, you just want to have at your side forever. Besides beings a gorgeous hunk to stare at, he also has a heart of gold, and even though he has a past and is struggling with his own demons, his faults only made him more endearing at times. Kali, is strong and capable and very creative. She is a genius when it comes to inventions, and even though she suffered a loss in the bombings in Liverpool, she doesn't let it change her life. I love that despite what has happened to her, she still has a strong spirit, and that was one of my favorite things about her. Fletcher and Kali as a couple, they were perfect. He has the brawn and she has the brains, I found they complimented each other quite well. A thrilling tale of excitement, danger and passion, and one no one should miss out on. If you have yet to read this author, go to the bookstore NOW!! You won't regret it. I plan on reading the rest of this series in the near future!! FULLY SATISFYING TILL THE VERY END!