Enchanted - Elizabeth Lowell Simon is devoted and his only loyalty is to his friend and Lord, Dominic. He is asked to marry a heiress Ariane, who even though she is beautiful but is known as the "betrayed". Ariane has a past, and she has been betrayed by those she trusted the most. Now the only thing that brings her peace is her harp and the music she plays. She is then informed that she will marry Simon, whom she knows will kill her the moment he learns of a deep secret she keeps hidden. She doesn't need or want a man, she knows the moment she marries Simon, her life will change. She knows that her life will only be pain and suffering. Simon, has only one loyalty, but when he marries Ariane, his loyalty starts to shift to his wife. Ariane seems cold and unfeeling and passionless, but soon he begins to realize that she suffers from hurt and betrayal just as he does, and only when a flaming passion flares between them will Simon and Arian be able to get beyond the betrayals of their past and focus on their future and each other.

Enchanted is the third in the medieval series, and when I saw this one on the shelf, I knew I needed to try it out. I did wanted to try to read this series in order, however the first two books weren't available, and since I have heard so many amazing things about this series, and having a weakness for medieval romances, I knew I needed to try Enchanted out. This is also the first time that I have been able to read this author, and I have to say after reading Enchanted I am very impressed. Enchanted is set in a time where honor and loyalty is everything. I do love the arranged marriage themes that are usually in the plots of medieval romances, and Lowell does a outstanding job with Enchanted. From the beginning of the story I was enthralled by the way this author magically weaves a beautiful story of two stranger that end up married, and have both protected their hearts and both need a lesson in the healing power of love and the passion they can find in each other.

The characters were captivating and from the first few chapters, I fell in love with Simon and Arianne. For the beginning half of the books you see the mistrusts and misunderstandings. Simon is a warrior, and has faced many battles and he suffers from past mistakes that almost cost his closest friends their lives. He is a bit of a wounded animal until Ariane comes into his life and he starts to realize that he isn't the only one hurting from the past. The relationship between Simon and Ariane is heartbreaking at times, but you see the desire that rises up is one step toward them learning to trust in each other. I found myself having a difficult time putting this one down. The style of this authors writing is absolutely enticing and exactly the way I like a romance to be written. Overall a emotionally driven tale of history, adventure, intrigue and passion. A POWERFUL ROMANCE THAT WILL CAPTURE YOUR HEART!!