The Secrets of a Scoundrel (Inferno Club)

The Secrets of a Scoundrel (Inferno Club) - Gaelen Foley ARC given in exchange for a honest review.

Virginia, Lady Burke, is independent, and is her fathers daughter. For years she has wanted to make a difference just as her father did and the members of the Inferno Club have done. She is a widow, and a mother to a fifteen year old boy, but thrives on her own independence. She has a business of being a private investigator, and when she learns that there are missing girls, she knows just the man to help her, Lord Forester. Even though Nick has a great love for his brethren in the Order, he is tired of the life, of killing and losing a part of himself each and every time he goes on a mission. So when he tries to defect and leave to live a life of his own, he is thrown into prison. When a beautiful woman comes to him with a proposition in return for his freedom, he is more than willing, especially with Virginia as his partner. As they get closer to the truth of the location of the missing girls, the danger surrounds them, and only when Virginia embraces who she is and trusts in Nick will they be able to survive the coming tide of danger that may destroy them and everything they hold dear.

The Secrets of A Scoundrel is the seventh and final installment in the Inferno Club series. Gaelen Foley has been a favorite author of mine for quite some time, and you never know what to expect when you pick up one of her books. They always surprise me, but the lovely delightful kind that sends shivers down the spine. It starts out with a delightful scene of Nick exercising with his shirt off, and sparks pass between these two instantly. Then it picks up pretty quickly, and you find yourself totally immersed in the story. The plot was very exciting, and some intense spots that had me at the edge especially the later half. I had no problem getting into this story, and stayed up half the night reading it, because I could barely put it down for very long. The chemistry between Nick and Virginia is instantaneous, and they surely don't need help with the fireworks, they are explosive enough on their own. Virginia's son, is charming and endearing, and I was totally on his side, especially when Virginia went in overprotective mama bear mode, she does overkill it just a bit, but I loved seeing flaws in the characters, it adds a touch of realism to the story that sometimes ends up missing out of regency romances. The characters are full of surprise and the interaction between Virginia and Nick is packed with witty humor and lovable characters to win your heart.

A delightful romp of a romance to captivate hearts, and endear you to this charming couple who are the perfect example of finding that happy ever after amidst danger and intrigue. A Ending to the series that sets the final stage for this set of heroes who have enthralled its readers since the first book. A lovely story that is priceless!! ENGROSSING ON EACH PAGE!