Rule Breaker: A Novel of the Breeds

Rule Breaker: A Novel of the Breeds - Lora Leigh Rule Breaker is one of the most trusted commanders under Jonas. Rule has been more insistent on the others against a mate. That is the last thing he needs or wants. Even though the breed side of himself desires a mate, the human part is so insistent on a mate that Rule is determined to never let Jonas manipulate him as he has done with many other. But he may not have much of a choice against this certain woman that calls out to him body and soul. Gypsy McQuade never felt love or acceptance from her parents. Her brother was her best friend and parental figure. At fifteen some rogues go after her brother for helping the breeds secretly, she is caught up in it, and ends up raped before they murder her beloved brother right in front of her. Then she is rescued just not in time to save the only person who has ever cared about her. It has taken nine years, but Gypsy has a decent life of sorts. The loss of her brother still cuts deeply, and even though on the outside she appears to be a "party girl" on the inside she is on a mission, to help where she can just as her brother did. Jonas suspects that she is a double agent, even knowing that she is Rule's mate. So he sends Rule in to discover her true purpose. Rule is starting to have some fierce feelings for Gypsy, but he isn't feeling the normal symptoms of a breed in close proximity to its mate, so he doesn't believe they have a future. But soon Gypsy and Rule will have to work together, because there is a traitor, one they least expect for betrayal and the one that has all the answers for Gypsy to come to terms with her brothers death and have a future with Rule.

Rule Breaker is the 29th installment of this breeds series, and I have been following the series since Coyote Mate, which was the first book to draw me into this intense world of passion and suspense. Rule we have seen for quite some time, and I have loved him. He is so alpha at times, stubborn and out to have his own way no matter what. In this story we see a deeper side to Rule, and even from the beginning we see how a part of him has always sheltered Gypsy since she was attacked. It was very interesting seeing how he interacted with Gypsy. This book definitely felt a bit different from the others, it definitely has quite a bit of a mystery story mixed in with the sensual plot we have going here. For the first half of the story Rule and Gypsy flirt quite a bit, and we see a almost superficial beginning to their courtship. It isn't until about halfway that I felt their relationship started to feel more real to me. There is quite a bit of emotional drama in this story, and the aftereffects will shock the reader. I was stunned how many emotional reaction I got from this story which isn't normal for this author. But it was basically driven by emotion, and I felt like it had more depth than some of the other books in the series.

There is quite a bit going on with Gypsy, and more than you realize when you start. At first we don't know what Gypsy's intentions are, but as you progress further into the story, we see how the plot plummets from superficial parties and flirtation, to a more riveting tale that will blow you away. An invigorating tale of deep emotion, strong characters, steady plot, and a story to sweep you away into a world of adventure and sensuality!! UNFORGETTABLE!!