The Wolf Who Loved Me

The Wolf Who Loved Me - Lydia Dare Originally Posted At My Website: Addicted To Romance

Short Review:
The Wolf Who Loved Me is the fifth book in this series by Lydia Dare, and oh boy did I just adore this one. I think it might be one of my favorites, although I think Dash's book I liked a little bit more, but this installment had such character and personality to the story, that by the end of the book, you are left with satisfaction but wishing the story had never ended. The Wolf Who Loved Me is about Dash's younger brother, Wes. Wes has loved Maddy from afar, but then one evening on the full moon when he changes into a wolf, Maddie finds him and he can't let her go free. So he chases her into the woods, and forces her to go up to Gretna Green to marry him. Wes, is one of those heroes, that you want his happily ever after, because he just sticks to your heart like glue. I just loved Wes, he is the epitome of that hero that is commanding, possessive, but at the heart is sweet and daring. I love how bold he is, and not afraid of life, he goes at it with full throttle--which tends to get him into big trouble, but what a fun wild ride it is getting to know him. Maddie is his equal in every way. She is sheltered and a bit spoiled, but you see from the beginning that she is just as vulnerable and kind hearted as Wes. She is searching for love and not someone that just wants her for her fortune. These two were one kind of a pair. It was such fun seeing these two join forces and enter in a ride of adventure, tension and intrigue with a mix of witty humor to keep you laughing for weeks. TASTEFUL AND DELICIOUS!!!