Wolfishly Yours

Wolfishly Yours - Lydia Dare Originally Posted At My Blog: Addicted To Romance

Grayson Hadley, is just wanting to be free from his brothers and alpha's orders, to be tutored so he can learn to not cause any sort of scandal. Gray will do anything to be free. Livi Mayeux, half were, has been ordered by her father to go to England and find a suitable husband with her grandfather's help. In America she was free to run and spend time with her brothers, and play in the bayou. Now she feels imprisoned in her grandfather's home, a gilded cage and she just wants to return home. Gray going with his mother, make a visit, where he meets a spirited american beauty, one who stirs his blood. She is frank, bold, and daring, and she calls to his wolf like none other. Gray has been doing everything he can to escape the ball and chain, but when a desire threatens to consume them, Gray will have to fight for what he wants, no matter the cost...

Wolfishly Yours is the most recent and latest release in the series....and can I just say STELLLAR!! I loved this book so much!!! I think I enjoyed it way more than the previous book "The Wolf Who Loved Me". This story has so much going for it. It starts out a little slower pace than I am used to with this author, but as the story progresses, it only gets more fascinating and even more amazing and keeps pulling the reader in with each chapter. As I kept chugging along, I felt like it only got better the more I read. There was so much I enjoyed about this latest installment, and I think Gray may be my favorite brother. Grayson, is a scoundrel with wolfish tendancies. He is a fighter, hates the rules, and despises being tamed like a dog with his tail tucked between his legs. Livi, feels betrayed by her family, and only aches for freedom. She knows that her life is changing way too swiftly. All she wants is to return back to New Orleans, that is until she meets Gray. A man whose taste for freedom rivals her own. A man whose kisses makes her feel like she can soar.

A riveting romantic tale, a story of magical fun, tender sensuality, witty characters to give you barrels of laughs, and a story that becomes more enchanting with each page!! DELIGHTFULLY WOLFISH!!