Rajmund - D.B. Reynolds Sarah Stratton, has started a new life for herself, in Buffalo, with a successful job and apt and building friendships. Lately she has been having nightmares of young women being kidnapped, and feeling terror. When her friend Cynthia, meets up with her in New York, wanting to gain the truth from her, Sarah is reluctant to share the truth with even her closest friend. But while at a club with her friend and her vampire husband, Raphael, she meets Rajmund Gregor, a vampire never to be trifled with. Rajmund is the most powerful of Krystoff's children. And as Krystoff grows weaker and making foolish decisions, Rajmund is getting reading to take over. When he is ordered by his lord, to come to Buffalo and investigate into the disappearance of the missing girls, he knows he has no choice, but is curious into finding out who is responsible. Then he meets Sarah again, who is involved somehow. Deep down Rajmund knows what and who Sarah is to him, a weakness, a little woman that could change his whole world, in a way he isn't ready for. Soon Sarah and Rajmund will be thrown into a plot full of danger and mystery, and a passion that is ready to break free and overcome them both...

Rajmund is the third in the Vampires In America Series. I was able to get a ARC of this title through Netgalley and ImaJinn books. I have been addicted to this series ever since I read "Aden". This world that D.B. Reynolds has created is probably one of my favorites, especially when it comes to vampires. There is such a realism to it, and in some ways its how one would imagine a life where vampires and human coexisted together, in somewhat harmony. In Rajmund we travel to the east coast, which is where Rajmund resides. Rajmund may not be a vampire lord yet, but he is close to becoming one. We see more into Sarah and her past, and her secret. She has a talent or a curse, which may be the key to saving some innocent girls lives. Rajmund is a powerful vampire, with power about to break free. Their relationship begins in New York, where Rajmund begins his slow seduction of Sarah. Sarah doesn't see herself as attractive or sexy, at least not to attract Raj's attention, but somehow she has. Then when she returns home, they find each other again, and the sexual tension goes into overdrive. Their relationship is built more on desire than trust in the beginning. But as the danger towards Rajmund and Sarah threatens to consume them, so does their passion for each other. We see that neither are ready for what is about to come, and I felt that their relationship only gets stronger with every struggle they face, even a struggle that could destroy what they feel for each other.

Rajmund is a powerful vampire, alpha and territorial, and possessive. PURE DELICIOUS MALE!! Loved him. He was very different from Raphael or Aden in many ways. He is more subtle in his power, even though you see that its bursting to break free. His treatment of Sara is mouthwatering, and I wish at many times I could trade places with her. His character is full of depth and I enjoyed discovering a new layer of Raj with each chapter. Sarah was a enjoyable character. I understood her reasons for keeping certain truths from Rajmund, since she couldn't even tell her closest friend. She has had to live in fear most of her life. You see her vulnerability from the very beginning, and you only want to be on her side. This heroine definitely grabbed my attention and I could help but find her likable. We do some of Raphael and Cynthia, which is also fun.

Rajmund is a powerful paranormal romance that is one heart stopping thrill after another. There is no end to the passion, intense emotion or the suspense driven tale that makes your toes curl. It does contain a cliffhanger, they was very unexpected and left me hanging, but its not too overdone, yet at the same time made me want to pound my pillow!! Overall a well done job for D. B. Reynolds, who yet again has won me over!!! PURELY THRILLING!!