Be Were (Southern Shifters)

Be Were (Southern Shifters) - Eliza Gayle Be Were is the fifth installment in the Southern Shifter series. Be Were is a short novella, and from after reading it, is a erotic romance. I wouldn't say I adored this one, since I like more story in a romance, there was mostly just one sex scene after another. There was a bit of a suspenseful aspect to the story that kept me interested and involved in the story. When I started reading this story, I didn't expect it to be a erotica, so I was looking forward to a solid shifter romance. Now there was some romance, but not as much as I like. I think there could have been foundation in their relationship. Now it is a novella, so maybe I am being a bit strict, but I felt like there was something missing from the story. I didn't feel a strong connection between the two characters that much, although it was super heated, and plenty of skin to skin sex scenes. So if that is what you are looking for than this is perfect for you. For me personally, I felt like there could have been more work on the romantic/love story side of things. I do think I want to try out another book of this series, that is longer in length, and see if that makes a difference. Overall it was a sexy shifter romance to heat the temperature of the room to a near boil!!! Pure HEAT!!