Worth the Fall

Worth the Fall - Claudia Connor I received a ARC in return for a honest review through Netgalley and Random House.

Matt McKinney, is a Navy SEAL, tortured with the death of his friend on a op, and now has to spend a week off duty on the beach. While walking down the beach, he meets Abby and her four charming children. Matt can't help but find himself attracted to this woman who has strength and a sweet nature that calls to him in a way he has never known. Abby has been abandoned all of her life. From her mother to the husband that was never around, and when he was killed six months ago, four children to take care of and another one on the way, she knows she isn't looking for a man. But when she runs into Matt, she tries to not let her heart or hopes get involved, but with the magical way he is with his kids, and then the way he worms his way into her heart with his affection and charm...she can't believe that this handsome, sweet and tender man would want her with her brood. But as things become explosive between Matt and Abby, you see the connection only strengthens the longer they spend together!!!

Worth The Fall is the first book in the series, and is the debut novel from this author. I have been seeing this title for quite some time, and then I was given the opportunity to read and give a honest review....hooyah!! What with that gorgeous cover, and stimulating synopsis, I just couldn't help myself and I am so glad I did. Lately I have been getting more into the contemporary genre, and I will say that Worth The Fall really impressed me from beginning to end. I didn't have any idea of what to really expect but when I saw the magic from the first chapter I was captivated with each aspect of the story. The story is about a young woman, that has her own struggles and her life isn't easy with four young children and six months pregnant. That last thing she is looking for is a sexy navy SEAL but when one drops in her lap she has no idea what to do about it. She is afraid to trust and open her heart, Matt is not looking for anyone, although his family would love for him to settle down. He loves his job, loves the high of the danger, and his brothers on the team. He can't imagine anything else, but when he meets Abby and her four charming kids, he is hooked. He can't help but want to be around Abby and her children who have wormed their way into his heart forever.

The story is such a sweet romance...and I loved every single moment. It was such fun seeing these two get together. Both characters were written with solid form, and their play in the story was quite enjoyable, and the four kids....well it made me want kids and NOW!! They were fun and charming and everything you imagine children would be. There were many times when I came close to tears in this one, there is definitely plenty of emotion to satisfy any reader, and the romance is sizzling, and worth every moment!! I would highly recommend this story and I am definitely excited to see the second book....if its anything like this one, I know I am in for a fun one!! ENGAGING AND SWEET!!