Scandal in Spring

Scandal in Spring - Lisa Kleypas Daisy Bowman, the last of the wallflowers left to marry, has had three season and has yet to find a man to marry. So her father insists that she has two months to find a husband, or she will be marrying Matthew Swift. From what she remembers of Matthew Swift is a cold man so much like her father, who is driven and intelligent, but when she meets him again she is stung by how much he has changed over the years. No longer a "bag of cabbage" he is handsome, strong features and mesmerizing. So with the help of her brother n' law and Evie's husband, they have selected some gentlemen eligible for her, to come to Westcliff's home in the country. Matthew Swift exudes charm and sensual beauty that has every woman tittering in his favor. However Daisy is insistent on trying to ignore Matthew, but as much as she tries, she finds herself feeling more alive around Matthew than any other man. His kisses waken up her senses, and she aches not only for his sensual touch but she also aches to know the man as well. But Matthew is hiding something, something that haunts him and could destroy everything....Scandal In The Spring is the fourth in the Wallflower Series. This is Daisy's story. I find that whenever I read any books from this author, I just fall in love with the story and the characters, and the same is true for Scandal In Spring. It was such a delight to read this one, and it has been some time since I have. I loved both of these characters, as far as hero's go Matthew Swift is one of my favorites. He is handsome, driven, passionate, and throughout the story we see Matthew come to life. The interaction between Matthew and Daisy is witty, fun, and at times sensual; and entertaining to the reader. As far as love stories go this is a golden treasure, and one that will charm any reading with a romantic heart. Scandal In Spring is definitely at the top of best romances!!