The Undead Next Door

The Undead Next Door - Kerrelyn Sparks Heather Westfield, comes to the opening of Le Chique Escharpe, by one of the most famous fashion designer, who opens a shop in Texas, in her hometown. Heather, divorced and a mother, can barely afford to pay her bills, let alone the expensive clothing she see's surrounding her. Heather, with a friend, who models for Jean Luc Escharpe, accompanies her. Then she is caught by him sketching one of his designer dresses, and he is furious, but then through a turn of events he offers her a job in his studio, for her ideas have merit, something he never thought about before. When he shows her his designs in the back, they are attacked by his hated enemy, Lui, who has murdered his past two girlfriends, and now assumes that Heather is the third. So now Jean Luc must protect her, no matter how resistant she is to the idea. But as events occur, and he keeps on protecting her, he finds that he doesn't want to lose her or her daughter, by this maniac, and will do everything in his power to protect them no matter the cost...
The Undead Next Door is Jean Luc's story from the Love At Stake series by Kerrelyn Sparks. From the first page, I was hooked and wasn't let go until the very end. Of course all that have read this series, just have fallen in love with Jean Luc and his charisma. So it was great to be able to read his story. The Undead Next Door is a emotional yet intense story about two people from opposite worlds, one who is a vampire and has lived for centuries and has no hope in life other than his fashion design career. The other is a woman who has suffered from pain and grief and has had to live in fear, but now decides to start anew and battle with fear and win...these two are both courageous and witty, their interaction fun and sexy, and the passion between them heated and sensual....and a love so powerful that if they believe in it and in themselves...there is a happily ever after in their future. Such a charming and sexy story, and I had such fun throughout all of it, and many laughs throughout all of it...Definitely a Winner!!! Sparks has won me over again.....A WONDERFUL READ!!!

My Favorite Quote
"What?" his eyebrows shot up. "There's nothing wrong with that design."
"Are you kidding?" She pulled away from his grasp "What is Echarpe thinking? The neckline plunges past the navel. The skirt slits up to North Dakota. No Woman in her right mind would wear that thing in public."