Eat Prey Love

Eat Prey Love - Kerrelyn Sparks Caitlyn Whelan, is the daughter of the head of the CIA agency bent on destroying the undead and has kept her from her sister, Shanna. Caityln, decides to accept the invite to her nephews birthday( a nephew she just found out existed) and seeing her sister for the first time since their childhood. The reunion with her sister was bittersweet, but during this party, she meets Carlos Panterra who draws her unlike any other, and starts to realize that this is the man for her. Caitlyn knows that it won't be easy, having Carlos but knows he is well worth the effort. Carlos, a shapeshifter, a were panther, is determined to save his kind, and knows he must mate with a were panther, but must go about to finding one, and despite the magnetism between himself and Caitlyn he knows he must not partake of the forbidden fruit, and do what is best for his kind. Because even though there is one way for her to become like him, more than likely the turning would kill her, and he wouldn't want to harm a hair on her head. But his feelings for Caityln have only increased, and wonders if he could bear to let her go?Eat Prey Love is the most recent release of the Love At Stake Series, and I have just loved Carlos and was captivated by this passionate story of where two people that love each other but circumstances prevent them from being together. Carlos, must separate himself from her even though it seems like she is thrown at him at every turn he makes to avoid her. But sometimes destiny gets in the way of best laid plans, and knows he must keep her safe at all costs, even from his and his animal instincts. Eat Prey Love is a powerful and passionate story about two people that are each other's destiny, but its all about their discovery of a love that will fortify them when danger comes headlong at them. I just loved Eat Prey Love, and from the first page, I was drawn into this compelling story!!! A DELIGHTFUL READ!!!

My Favorite Quote
He leaned forward, his amber eyes blazing into hers. "You have no idea how much I want you," Her lips opened with a small gasp, and his mouth was suddenly there. His lips were softly moving against hers. He planned to lure her with tenderness. And it was working.