Never Dare a Duke

Never Dare a Duke - Gayle Callen Abigail Shaw, has a deep love for writing, her father owns a respectable newspaper, and without knowing it his daughter is one of its writers. Abigail, learning that the fathers paper is having financial trouble, wants to find a scandal that will help her father, and to be respected as a woman author in a newspaper. So when she hears that there is a Duke in the Realm that appears to have a perfect past, she knows she needs to find out what scandal there is in his past. Knowing that the Lords of the realm are used to scandals, this could help save her father, so she poses as someone else at a house party hosted by his family for his younger sister who is coming out in society. But she knows the key part of her plan, is to gain the trust of Christopher Cabot, the Duke of Madingley. But there is something about the Duke, that causes her to be tempted by his kisses, where she starts to forget the real reason she is there. Christopher, after having a terrible event happening in his past, he overcomes it and prevents any scandal occuring. But when a young woman comes to him with a proposal that he can't deny, he knows he is in deep trouble. For he is getting closer attached to this woman who tempts him to sharing his secrets and thought to her. But what will happen when he falls for this enticing beauty where despite the deceptions he has found something more precious than he ever thought he would find.

I have always loved reading from Gayle Callen, and Never Dare A Duke was no different. I love the whole aspect of the mystery side of the story. It kept me in suspense until the very end. Christopher in his younger years suffered and has to live with it ever since, and just when he starts to come to terms with his past, he meets Abigail who is unlike any other woman he has ever met. There is a mystery about her, and he is anxious in his endeavor to find the truth. Abigail, at first is firm in her resolve to find the scandal in Christophers past, however after spending time with him, and sharing some intimate moments, she starts to doubt herself in the plan she has set in motion, wondering if she could ever hurt the one who has made her feel and experience things she never thought she ever would in her lifetime, and find a love so precious she never would want to give him up. As we see these two characters collide, and a ride that will take them and bring them exquisite joy and sorrow, we also see a tender love that blossoms between the two but will it destroy them or unite them? I found I truly enjoyed reading this story, and plus the cover is every bit as tempting and sensual as the story portrays. Never Dare A Duke is truly a WONDERFUL read!!!