The Beauty and the Spy

The Beauty and the Spy - Gayle Callen I have really enjoyed reading Gayle Callen, she is a amazing historical romance author. Whose books takes you back through time. This is one of my favorites of her's since its a spy story and a well written one at that.
You have Charlotte Sinclair, who has a sister that is recently engaged. She hasn't seen much of her father, who she finds out from his journals that she found in the attic, that he does spy work for a living. She finds his journals exciting and thrilling and adventurous. At a ball one night, after going through mourning of her late husband, there is a mysterious man that she finds intriguing. He certainly doesn't act like most men do at a ball. So she follows him, and hides in a room where a conversation endangers her. Nick has been a spy for quite some time, and is posing as a criminal to get find the one person that is a traitor to the country. However one willful young woman threatens everything, and he knows he must keep her by his side to protect her. Charlotte is furious when he gags and ties her up constantly, of course she knows she wants to escape from him not knowing if he will kill her or not. He insists that he just wants to protect her, he just wants to make sure his plan goes through. Charlotte over a little time, figures out that Nick is just trying to protect her and she finds her heart softening toward him.

This was definitely one of my favorite spy romances. Gayle Callen truly portrayed the suspense and surroundings so it seemed genuine and real. I found myself wishing I was in the middle of the action and intrigue. I found myself just loving Charlotte and her willfulness and creating mishief. It was also pretty funny as well, especially at the first of the story. Where she keeps trying to escape Nick's clutches, and never succeeds of course. But she endlessly tries more and more. Its definitely humorous, which is always good for a genuine romance. The passion that develops between both Nick and Charlotte, gets pretty intense and as you get through more of the book, their connection strengthens and a strong love develops before either one of them know it. I also loved the mystery of the story, I sure love reading spy stories, and this one is at the top of great ones!!! From beginning to end, it was filled with mysterious intrigue, heated passion that lights up the room, wit, and is filled with one adventure after another. Definitely another 5 for a fabulous well written genuine book!!