The Gathering

The Gathering - Jennifer Ashley The Gathering is Book 4 of the Immortal Series, which after reading this book leaves me eager to read the rest of the series, it captivated my heart and left me breathless. Leda Stowe is a witch, who lives on a island where she takes care of a bear and a lion that she saved from terrible masters who treated them crually. Leda has a tender heart, and has a genuine caring about others and especially animals. Hunter is a Immortal, a most powerful being who has spent centuries destroying demons and vampires and protecting the innocent. He lost his wife and children from a demon who he has long hunted but has not had any luck in destroying him. Then he is summoned to a island, which he assumes is by Leda. Where he finds himself in a cage with a Lion licking his face. Leda is shocked to see a strange virile man in the same vicinity as her precious Mukasa (The Lion). She then shoots him with a dart to put him out until she is able to secure and question him. After she does, she realizes how different he is from normal men, and that he isn't after Mukasa and convinces her that he was summoned here and is a Immortal. From the first moment that they meet, there is a sizzling desire that sparks between them, and they spend much time getting to know one another intimately. Then one of Leda's friend who was born half demon, and is a police officer asks for her help. Hunter however mistrusts her completely and almost's destroys her, since she is part demon. However he reluctantly chooses against it for Leda's sake. Leda then leaves Hunter with the animals on the Island and disappears with her friend, Samantha. Samantha's mother has been kidnapped, and both Leda and Samantha believes that it is her father, whom Samantha distrusts. They are then thrown into a whirlwind of danger from the very same demon that has taken control of Hunter's brother and killed his wife and children. Therefore all the brothers must join together to destroy the one that may destroy everything that they hold dear.

This is the first that I have read of the series, and the first fantasy that I have read from Jennifer Ashley. Mostly I have just read her historical's and have fallen madly in love with each and every one of them. I will just say that she has scored high once more. Leda is one of those heroines who has had to sacrificed much of herself to save those that she has loved. There was a man that she loved and he was dying, so in order to get him to be healed she had to go to a demon to save him; but the price was part of her soul which was tainted. She loses the man that she loves and is banished from a coven of witches that has been her haven. But she trudges on and continues doing good and protecting the innocent. Then she meets the mysterious yet captivating Immortal who heals her and makes her whole once more from the tainting. Is it any wonder she would fall in love? Hunter has four brothers, whom he hasn't been in contact with for centuries, but he has good memories of. He is very much tormented of his wife and children's death whom he couldn't protect at the time. Then he hears that his brother has is held under his nemesis. I also loved seeing the reunion between Hunter and his brothers once more. He is 100% Alpha Male, arrogant, knows his appeal, strong and insistent in protecting his woman. However he knows that even though he is falling for this beautiful, strong and courageous young woman, he knows it can never last since he is a Immortal. I definitely loved how the controversary of their relationship, they both fall in love pretty early in the book, which I love seeing sometimes. In this one though, it definitely was a plus and worked well for this plot. It was filled with all the great things with a good paranormal romance. The pages were filled sensual magic, intense action and intrigue, and you see a love that can indeed conquer all!