The Redeeming

The Redeeming - Jennifer Ashley Samantha is half demon and half human; her father was demon and her mother human. Most of her life she despised her father for what she thought he did to her mother. However lately she see's more of him, and her heart softens toward him. About a year ago, she helped save Tain from being in captivity by a powerful demon for over 700 years. Tain still suffers affects from being imprisoned for over 700 years being a captive and being tortured. Its been a year, and Samantha still thinks about Tain, she is a cop for the Paranormal Police. When she is trying to undermine a drug problem that is surfacing among demon clubs, she comes face to face with Tain who has re-entered her life. Even though Tain has feelings of hatred and disgust with the past demon who captured him, he feels drawn toward this courageous young woman, who is half demon. He feels the need to protect her, even though he has destroyed many demons. Now being in Samantha's life, he wants to protect the demon world more for her sake. As the plot thickens with intigue and danger, so does the sensual connection between them. Samantha has always felt drawn toward Tain, he seems to understand her more than anyone else has ever done. As she finds herself falling in love with the powerful Immortal, there are things she must decide about her own future that will change her very lifestyle forever.

I really enjoyed reading Tain and Samantha's story, it was a very compelling read. This is the second one that I have read in the series, and yes I am reading them out of order. Which you will find is what I do!!! I wondered when I first started reading this one, how Tain and Samantha's romantic relationship would progress. Tain has suffered greatly from being tortured for 700 years, and this story takes place a year after he is freed by his brothers, their wives and Samantha. Samantha was raised by her mother, never having known her father until this book. Which I enjoyed that aspect of this book, that there was a lot more in it than just Tain and Samantha's story. In the last book, Samantha has much disgust and hatred for her father. However once she learns the real truth her perspective changes quite a bit. Also on the other side of that, you see Tain interact with his brothers quite a bit which was very enjoyable. Overall I really enjoyed this book, it was filled with everything that a paranormal romance reader loves. It was well written, has deep characters and a plot filled with romance, adventure, creatures of the paranormal world and a mystery that will unravel and perhaps even surprise you!