Penelope & Prince Charming

Penelope & Prince Charming - Jennifer Ashley Penelope Trask, has been jilted twice in the past, and is determined not to have her heart broken a third time. Penelope lives in a home with her mother, soon to be step father, and soon to be step sister; all of whom she is dearly close to. Prince Damien of Nvengaria is the most sought after man in Europe. Every woman would feel grateful to be chose to be his bride. However once he meets Penelope he realizes that there is only one woman that he wants to be with, it will be a challenge to convince her of that however. Damien is informed however, that Penelope is the only woman that he can marry to regain his country, kingdom, and his people. So Damien goes about convincing her how important it is that they get married and go through all the rituals. Damien not knowing if magic of the legend is at work or just his own heart, knows he is falling heads over heels in love with Penelope. Penelope finds it hard to believe that they could fall in love so fast. She desires to be wanted as a woman, and not someone to get his rights to his kingdom. However, with much thought on the matter, Penelope agree's to marry this handsome rogue of a prince. They then journey toward his home Nvengaria and she leaves all that she has ever known. Both Damien and Penelope start to journey to a world filled with magic, love, and adventure.

Although I enjoyed reading Penelope and Prince Charming, I felt there was something missing throughout the whole of the book. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it just didn't flow as much as I though it would. I have loved reading Jennifer Ashley, and I will admit I was a bit disappointed with this one. Although the characters were well developed I found their relationship wasn't as connected as I thought it should have been. Other than that it was a well written story with plenty of romance, sensuality and adventure to satisfy you.