Ten Things I Love About You

Ten Things I Love About You - Julia Quinn Annabel Winslow is from a family of eight children, and now that her father has passed away, she knows that she has to start thinking about their welfare, and they will need substantial income before long. But the Earl of Newbury, hasn't any heirs and must have one in order to prevent the Earldom going to his nephew Sebastian Grey, a handsome rogue that has caught Annabel's eye. One night Annabel and Sebastian met and shared a passionate kiss, that rivaled anything either one of them had experienced. However Annabel is in a terrible position, as now she is pressured by her grandmother that she must marry the Very old and lustful Earl of Newbury, who just wants her for her body; but Annabel desperately wants more from her life than a incubator for the Earls future children. But Annabel is falling hard and fast for the handsome nephew, who makes her laugh and feel like she has never have felt before, and she wonders if she could ever live without this one man that she starts falling in love with, but is torn between duty and obligation to love and a brightful future. What will she decide? Love or Duty?

Ten Things I Love About You was a truly emotional and provacative story, that definitely had me asking certain question and get involved into the tender love story and riveting characters that came alive off of the page. Annabel has been put in a terrible position from not knowing which choice would be better for her and her family and the future, but starts to question herself the one question whether or not she deserves to be happy. This powerful story takes Annabel on a journey of discovery and love and passion, and finding one's self. Annabel is forthright, opinionated and beautiful, but yearns for love not to be used to breed children, she wants something much more out of life, and knows that Sebastian can give her all that she has hoped and dreamed for. I found Ten Things I Love About You to be a emotional roller coaster with these two characters, that have had unhappy lives, but dream of happiness they see in others that surround them, that have found love and managed to hold onto it. I just loved how well Julia Quinn portrayed these characters and how real they seemed to be to this reader, and how it made me laugh, dance and cry, to be so immersed in the story I felt as if I was a part of this wondeful love story, filled with mystery and passion.