Pride Mates

Pride Mates -  Jennifer Ashley Liam Morrissey, like many of his kind knows that no good can come from trusting humans, all he can trust is his people. But then one of their own gets into trouble with the law and an Attorney Kim Fraser, comes to speak with him, to help him and his kind. Kim Fraser knows not much of the shifter laws but is determined to make sure her client is proved innocent and comes to Liam for his help. Kim definitely is out of her game when she calls on Liam, and before she realizes it she is in way over her head and the attraction between herself and Liam is about to get that much dangerous. When both of their lives are put at risk, will they have to learn to trust one another and the strong connection that is beginning to develop if they want to come out on top...Pride Mates is the first in the Shifters Unbound series and since I have just loved reading Jennifer Ashley's historical's, I thought I would try this one out especially since I have heard many good things about it and found that I have just fallen in love with the story line and the characters, and this enchanting novel definitely whetted my appetite. I think I just fell in love with everything about this book apart from one aspect however overall it was everything one would need in a paranormal romance, and it did that and more for me, I couldn't read the pages fast enough I loved it so much and there was such a sensual and exciting aspect to the story as well as a dangerous one full of intrigue and fast paced action. I am looking forward to reading more in this series!!! Definitely a Winner!