Spell of the Highlander

Spell of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning As with every one of Karen Marie Moning's books, I just fall in love with the plot, characters, and the sensual magic of each Paranormal book that she has written. Thus was true for Spell Of The Highlander. Although not my absolute favorite of hers, still a enjoyable read.

Jessi St James, is a young woman that is very close to getting her PH.D in Archealogy, and between her classes, work and trying to eat and sleep between she has no time for relationships. Jessi is very tired and is eager to get her degree and start doing what she loves, and maybe find love in the digs. However, her plans do change when her professor that she grades for, calls her up and tells her to make sure a important delivery arrives and to sign for it. Jessi, a bit confused by this request, but goes ahead and signs for the package. Then when it is unwrapped by the insistence of the "delivery boys" she finds a old and beautiful mirror. Which is unlike any other mirror that she has come across. The glass seems to have a dark mist within it, and when she spies a half naked gorgeous man, she passes it off as not enough sleep despite the chills she feels in the room. When she returns once more, a man surprises her and threatens her life. Just when she feels that there is no way out of this horrid crazy situation; she hears a voice that commands her to summon him out of the mirror. Thus the confusion begins within Jessi mind, she doesn't know who to believe. Not knowing if it was the right choice, she summons the unknown man out of the mirror, hoping that he will be someone that isn't out to kill her. So he defends her and one sensual interlude causes Jessi to feel things that she has never felt, only dreamed of. Then he runs out and disappears on her. Thinking he was just a dream, she assumes everything that happened was her imagination right? Wrong, before Jessi knows it she is on the run for her life, her companion a strange mysterious, magical man whom is centuries old and resides continually in a mirror until she summons him. Thus begins a adventure for a lifetime for Jess, and a love and blinding desire as old as time, and will creep up on them despite all the danger and mystery surrounding them.

As far as I know, this was one of the most sensual reads that I have read in a while. It also was filled with a intensity that will place you at the edge of your seat, and will get the heart thumping, and will bring a tear to your heart. I found this to be a very emotional read, especially toward the end. I won't spoil it too much, so I won't tell you why, but it definitely will pull at your heart strings as it did mine. I am definitely eager to read more of this series, since its one my favorite Scot Series!!!